A new legacy: potential of zooarchaeology by mass spectrometry in the analysis of North American megafaunal remains

Read more by Mariya Antonosyan, Eden Hill, Margaret Jodry, Noel Amano, Samantha Brown, Torben Rick, Nicole Boivin. Published on Frontiers in Mammal Science. 31 May 2024

GPR and ERT Exploration in the Western Cemetery in Giza, Egypt

Read more by Motoyuki Sato, Ryuma Saito, Abbas Mohamed Abbas, Hany Mesbah, Ayman Taha, Wael R. Gaweish, Mohamed Aldeep, Ahmed M. Ali, Hiromasa Kurokouchi, Kazumitsu Takahashi, Gad El-Qady, Sakuji Yoshimura. Published on Archaeological prospection. 05 May 2024

The Egyptian pyramid chain was built along the now abandoned Ahramat Nile Branch

Read more by Eman Ghoneim, Timothy J. Ralph, Suzanne Onstine, Raghda El-Behaedi, Gad El-Qady, Amr S. Fahil, Mahfooz Hafez, Magdy Atya, Mohamed Ebrahim, Ashraf Khozym & Mohamed S. Fathy Published on communications earth & environment. 16 May 2024

Re-dating Roman Karanis, Egypt: radiocarbon evidence for prolonged occupation until the seventh century AD

Read more by Laura Motta, Tyler Duane Johnson, Shannon Burton, Paula J. Reimer, Paul Erdkamp and Frits Heinrich Published on antiquity. 06 May 2024

Enhancing Visibility: Djehutihotep’s Painter Horamenyankhu

Read more by Alisée Devillers et Toon Sykora. Published on Bulletin de l’Institut français d’archéologie orientale (BIFAO). 16 July 2023

The Seshemnofer Dilemma: Genealogy and Succession

Read more by Gemma F. P. Green. Published on The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology. 29 November 2023

After the fall of the Egyptian Empire: review of the Third Intermediate Period settlement at Tell el-Retaba

Read more by Łukasz Jarmużek, Agnieszka Ryś-Jarmużek, Anna Wodzińska, Anna Gręzak, Claire Malleson and Sławomir Rzepka. Published on Antiquity. 08 March 2025

The Book of the Dead Manuscripts of the Lady Hatnefer in the Egyptian Museum of Cairo: Two Hieratic Papyri and One Leather Roll (TR-No. 25–1–55–6)

Read more by Khaled Hassan. Published on 15 The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology. 15 December 2022

Twins found in a Late Dynastic/Coptic Egyptian mummy

Read more by Francine Margolis, David R. Hunt. Published on International Journal of Osteoarchaeology. 21 December 2023

Fortresses as Ideological Images of Power

Read more by Anthony Spalinger. Published on the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology. 04 December 2023

Palaeopathological and demographic data reveal conditions of keeping of the ancient baboons at Gabbanat el-Qurud (Thebes, Egypt)

Read more by Wim Van Neer ,Mircea Udrescu, Joris Peters, Bea De Cupere, Stéphane Pasquali, Stéphanie Porcier. Published on Plos One. 06 December 2023

Revealing the face of Ramesses II through computed tomography, digital 3D facial reconstruction and computer-generated Imagery

Read more by Caroline M. Wilkinson, Sahar N. Saleem, Ching Yiu Jessica Liu, Mark Roughley. Published on Journal of Archaeological Science. December 2023

Isotopic evidence of an environmental shift at the fall of the Kushite kingdom of Meroë, Sudan

Read more by Iwona Kozieradzka-Ogunmakin and Arkadiusz Sołtysiak Published on Antiquity. 01 December 2023

Echoes of the Past: Unveiling the Kharga Oasis’ Cultural Heritage and Climate Vulnerability through Millennia

Read more by Hossam Ismael, Waleed Abbas, Heba Ghaly and Ahmed M. El Kenawy. Published on Heritage. 19 September 2023

Adulis and the transshipment of baboons during classical antiquity

Read more by Franziska Grathwol, Christian Roos, Dietmar Zinner, Benjamin Hume, Stéphanie M Porcier, Didier Berthet, Jacques Cuisin, Stefan Merker, Claudio Ottoni, Wim Van Neer, Nathaniel J Dominy, Gisela H Kopp. Published on eLife. 28 September 2023

The Fragment of a Model of a Tower House from Kom el-Gir, Central Northwestern Delta

Read more by Robert Schiestl. Published on The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology. 29 September 2023

A Day on the Nile: Living in a Town in Nubia

Read more by Julia Budka, Chloë Ward & Carl G. Elkins. Published on African Archaeological Review. 26 August 2023

Patterns of Violence in the Pre-Neolithic Nile Valley

Read more by Petra Brukner Havelková, Isabelle Crevecoeur, Ladislav Varadzin, Stanley H. Ambrose, Elise Tartar, Adrien Thibeault, Mike Buckley, Sébastien Villotte & Lenka Varadzinová. Published on African Archaeological Review. 12 August 2023

Biomolecular characterization of 3500-year-old ancient Egyptian mummification balms from the Valley of the Kings

Read more by B. Huber, S. Hammann, C. E. Loeben, D. K. Jha, D. G. Vassão, T. Larsen, R. N. Spengler, D. Q. Fuller, P. Roberts, T. Devièse & N. Boivin. Published on scientific reports. 31 August 2023

Un accouchement qui s’est mal terminé. Nécropole Ouest d’El-Deir (oasis deKharga)

Read more by Françoise Dunand and Roger Lichtenberg Published on Bulletin de l’Institut français d’archéologie orientale (BIFAO). 16 July 2023