Dying in the Sun: Direct evidence for elevated UV-B radiation at the end-Permian mass extinction

Read more by Feng Liu, Huiping Peng, John E.A. Marshall, Barry H. Lomax , Benjamin Bomfleur, Matthew S. Kent, Westley T. Fraser, Phillip E. Jardine.Published on Science Advances. 06 January 2023

Climate change, human health, and resilience in the Holocene

Read more by Gwen Robbins Schug , Jane E. Buikstra, Sharon N. DeWitte et.al Published on PNAS. 17 January 2023

Wetland archaeology and the impact of climate change

Read more by Henning Matthiesen, Richard Brunning, Bethune Carmichael and Jørgen Hollesen. Published on Antiquity. 02 November 2022

Late-Holocene landscape evolution and human presence in the northern Danube delta (Chilia distributary lobes)

Read more by Luminița Preoteasa, Alfred Vespremeanu-Stroe, Sorin Ailincăi et.al Published on The Holocene. 02 June 2021

Biomarker insights into a methane-enriched Holocene peat-setting from “Doggerland” (central North Sea)

Read more by Martin Blumenberg, Stefan Schlömer, and Miriam Römer. Published on The Holocene. 01 July 2022

New integrated molecular approaches for investigating lake settlements in north-western Europe

Read more by Antony G. Brown, Thierry Fonville, Maarten van Hardenbroek, Graeme Cavers, Anne Crone, Finbar McCormick, Emily Murray, Helen Mackay, Nicki J. Whitehouse and Andrew C.G. Henderson. Published on Antiquity. 22 September 2022

Pleistocene climate variability in eastern Africa influenced hominin evolution

Read more by Verena Foerster, Asfawossen Asrat, Christopher Bronk Ramsey, Erik T. Brown, Melissa S. Chapot, Alan Deino, Walter Duesing, Matthew Grove et.al. Published on Nature geoscience. 26 September 2022

Holistic approaches to palaeohydrology: Reconstructing and modelling the Neolithic River Çarşamba and the riverscape of Çatalhöyük, Turkey

Read more by John Wainwright and Gianna Ayala. Published on The Holocene. 14 September 2022

Geoarchaeological characterisation of a Younger Dryas site in the Alpine uplands: Cornafessa rock shelter (Italy)

Read more by Diego E. Angelucci,Erica Patauner,Rossella Duches. Published on Geoarchaeology. 22 September 2022

Diversification of lithic raw materials used by Mesolithic inhabitants of Los Canes cave (Sierra del Cuera, Eastern Asturias, Spain), and quartz crystallite size of chert as an essential indicator parameter of its provenance

Read more by Celia Marcos, María de Uribe-Zorita, Patricia Fernández, Pedro Álvarez-Lloret, Jorge Vallejo-Llano, Pablo Arias. Published on Geoarchaeology. 19 August 2022

Rapid 20th century warming reverses 900-year cooling in the Gulf of Maine

Read more by Nina M. Whitney, Alan D. Wanamaker, Caroline C. Ummenhofer, Beverly J. Johnson, Nathaniel Cresswell-Clay & Karl J. Kreutz. Published on communications earth & environment. 08 August 2022

An extended last glacial maximum in the Southern Hemisphere: A contribution to the SHeMax project

Read more by Lynda M.Pethericka, Jasper Knight, James Shulmeister, Helen Bostock, Andrew Lorrey, Jennifer Fitchett, Shaun Eaves, Marcus J.Vandergoes, Timothy T.Barrows et al Published on Earth-Science Reviews. 22 June 2022

High-performing mortar-based materials from the late imperial baths of Aquileia: An outstanding example of Roman building tradition in Northern Italy

Read more by Simone Dilaria, Michele Secco, Marina Rubinich, Jacopo Bonetto, Domenico Miriello, Donatella Barca, Gilberto Artioli. Published on Geoarchaeology. 11 March 2022

A site formation model for Cuncaicha rock shelter: Depositional and postdepositional processes at the high-altitude keysite in the Peruvian Andes

Read more by Sarah Ann Meinekat,Christopher E. Miller,Kurt Rademaker. Published on Geoarchaeology. 14 November 2021

The effect of formation processes on the frequency of palaeolithic cave sites in semiarid zones: Insights from Kazakhstan

Read more by Aristeidis Varis, Christopher E. Miller, Patrick Cuthbertson, Abay Namen, Zhaken Taimagambetov, Radu Iovita. Published on Geoarchaeology. 05 April 2022